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How do I know if i need to contact Ground Control?

Before installing a pool or spa, your builder will need to apply for shire approval. This involves providing engineering drawings to show the placement of the pool or spa in relation to other structures, together with details of how necessary foundations will be supported.

Soil Stabilisation for Pools and Spas

Ground Control is a professional, Soil Stabilisation business operating in Perth, Western Australia. Our field of expertise is permeation grouting for in-ground swimming pools and spas built in close proximity to permanent structures.

If you are renovating your outdoor area and would like to install a pool or spa but have limited space, Ground Control offers an effective solution that will enable you to safely excavate the ground close to your house while protecting the foundations of your most valuable asset – your home.

We have over 25 years experience in residential excavations and are your local soil stabilisation experts for swimming pools and spas built close to house walls, retaining walls and alfresco piers.