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Ground Consolidation for Excavation Projects swimming pools & in-ground spas
What We Do

DSCF0772Soil Stabilisation is a specialised process that consolidates and strengthens the ground in preparation for excavation. This is of particular importance when an excavation is planned close to buildings or structures in sandy or low density soils.process_diagram

Ground Control uses state-of-the-art permeation grouting machinery to inject micro-fine cement deep into the ground under high pressure. This acts to fill any voids in the soil, thereby increasing density and the load bearing capacity of the ground.

Before commencing work, Ground Control takes care of all the necessary preparations on your behalf including site surveys, engineering drawings and applicable shire documents. Our Technical Projects Consultant and Civil & Structural Engineer work together to offer a complete soil stabilisation service, allowing you to look forward to your dream pool or spa.

Through such a professional soil stabilisation service you can eliminate the risk of foundation movements and safely excavate close to your home.