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Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding soil stabilisation:

Q: How long does it take to complete the soil stabilisation process?

A: Due to the seasonal nature of the swimming pool industry, lead times for completion of services can vary with the warmer months from October – December being our busiest time.

On average, a thorough site inspection and quotation will be provided within seven days of contacting Ground Control. Once the estimate has been accepted, all site work is then usually completed in less than 14 days.

Q: Does injection grouting work in all soils and situations?

A: No. Soil grout injections are best suited to sandy soils only. While the majority of Perth soil is sand based, there are some areas with higher clay content. Where this is the case, concrete piling is the preferred method for soil stabilisation and Ground Control can also carry out this work. Please contact Ground Control to arrange a comprehensive site review and recommendations.

Q: Is soil stabilisation damaging to the water table?

A: No. Ground Control specialises in soil stabilisation using rapid-set, microfine cement. Such cement dries very quickly to prevent contamination of underground water systems.

Q: Are the Soil Stabilisation services offered by Ground Control quality assured?

A: Ground Control services are completed in accordance with strict quality standards for your protection. We follow standards set-out by the Piling & Foundations Specialists Foundation of Australia to ensure conformance with best practices for the piling industry.

Once soil stabilisation services have been provided, you will be presented with a formal Certificate of Completion for your records and all work is insured.